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Britonprice is known as a hybrid broker as it provides both binary options, forex and CFD trading. With a wide range of accounts, the company offers the convenience of choosing to provide leverage of 1:200 and up to 3.5 pip spreads. The various account includes Micro, Mini, Silver, Gold, and Diamond.   The trading of Britonprice is provided via a web-based platform with Scams. However, it lacks advanced feature such as MT4. Moreover, the initial deposit amount is also high compared to other companies in the same line. Another drawback is that the company is not a regulated one.   Britonprice is also suspected of scams, which is why people must take a precaution while investing with the company. Since fraud in the same line is very common, investors must take cautious steps while trading with Britonprice. Funds Recovery is one such company that helps people raise a complaint against forex trading companies.

What people say

  • Hello everyone , here’s your opportunity to recover all your lost funds from those online scam brokers. I once loss all I got through trading but was fortunate to come across this company named that has a team with great virtue and selfless heart (thank you Adam and Daniel!). I spoke with them over the phone and they explained how all this scammers operate and how they trick you when you want to withdraw your money. They will give you great advice and possibility to recover all your funds! Just visit their website : and file a complaint, they will call you as soon as possible!