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Briton Price is a hybrid trading platform that offers both Forex and Binary Options trading. It has multiple financial assets for trading. The entity provides a shady Scamex trading platform with a minimum deposit of a hefty $500 to open an account. The entity also lacks proper customer assistance.

Is Briton Price Registered?

Briton Price is an unregulated platform, presumably based in Sofia, Bulgaria. It does not operate under reputed financial authority. The entity lacks proper regulation and works with full anonymity.

Is It Safe To Invest With Briton Price?

BritonPrice is an unreliable platform full of suspicion. Its official website is not working appropriately. The entity seems to be out of business. Hence, avoid investing with such a suspicious platform, it leads to loss of capital and time.

What If Briton Price Scams You?

As per available information, BritonPrice has received negative feedback from the investors. The Spanish financial regulator CNMV has issued a serious warning against the entity. In case, if you have lost money with BritonPrice, connect with us. Our team of professionals will help you to recover your funds.

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