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BoTextile is a company located in Seoul, South Korea. This company is involved in Textile business activities. Its official website is said to be

Is BoTextile Registered?

BoTextile is said to be registered and licenced as well, it is clearly mentioned on their official website. However, the user reviews is something which can not be ignored. There were lots of reviews of users stating that this company is selling fake products. Hence, we conclude that this company is not legit.

How Safe Is It To Get Yourself Involved With BoTextile?

As per the research, it seems that this company is safe to get involved with but post going through the negative reviews, the facts came out. You should not get involved with a company which is rated badly by its users. Hence, involvement with this company is not safe.

What To Do If You Have Been Scammed By BoTextile?

If you got scammed by BiteTile then do not worry, we are here for you as we will help you to get your money back with proper and required advice.

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