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Boom Xchange presents itself as Forex and CFD broker especially focus on cryptocurrencies. It claims to offer multiple digital assets for trading. However, the company hesitates to share much of its corporate information. The broker provides the popular MT4 trading platform with a minimum deposit of a generous $500 to open an account.

Is Boom Xchange Regulated?

Boom Xchange is an unregistered platform operated BY Leads Capital Ltd, presumably based in Cyprus. The entity does not regulate under any reputed financial institutions and works fully autonomous.

Should You Invest With Boom Xchange?

Boom Xchange is an unreliable platform. It has no credibility in the market and lacks confidence among the investors. Moreover, the company's office is down for the being. Hence, we recommend avoiding such entities is vital while making investment decisions.

What To Do In Case If You Are Scammed By Boom Xchange?

Boom Xchange has received unfavourable feedback from the traders. The Cyprus regulatory body CySEC has issued a public warning against the entity. In case, you are facing any scam issue with Boom Xchange, approach us. We will assist you to recover your funds.

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