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Blue Trading was a well-known online trading platform which allows trading of forex, crypto, commodities, etc with the aim of producing high returns from across the globe. Founded in the year 2012, the company allowed trading via cash deposit and foreign exchange plus commodities.   Blue Trading being one of the leading names in the industry, offered 24 hours assistance, webinar and basic lessons to the beginners as well. It was claimed to be one of the most trusted brands in the field of trading. Apart from the claimed services, the company promises competitive spreads in markets, advanced trading platforms, fast withdrawals, trading tools and forex expert help, as was given on its website.   Despite the above facts, Blue Trading faced a massive downfall with its funds shutting down completely. It also sent notices to various clients, terminating them from its platform. Since the company is not operating now, people can use other leading brands for trading. Also, in case of a scam, Funds Recovery can be trusted to raise a complaint.

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