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BitTrain is a relatively new MLM based affiliate trading company founded by two professionals John Kin and Allen Coko. It does not sell any products or services rather provide an affiliate membership with a minimum investment of $100. The entity does not provide any other relevant details regarding its operations.

Is BitTrain Legit?

BitTrain is an unregulated platform with no legal authorization. It operates with full autonomy without any proper regulations. However, the entity allegedly listed the operational address of 456 Tirana Business Park, Rinas Road, Tirana, Albania.

How Safe Is It To Invest Your Money With BitTrain?

BitTrain has no credibility in the market. Although, it promises to give an impressive return on investment through the pyramid trading scheme. Therefore, we recommend being extremely cautious while associating with the BitTrain investment prospectus.

What To Do If You Have Been Scammed By BitTrain?

As per available information, BitTrain reviews are mostly negative. It has also encountered loads of accusations from investors of being involved in a full-fledged ponzi scam. In case, if you are among the victims of BitTrain fraud, contact us. We will help you in getting your funds recovered.

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