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Bitfinex is an advanced, veteran cryptocurrency exchange. It is well suited for advanced traders and it also provides the option of margin trading and lending. 

Is Bitfinex Registered?

There is less information available on the official website of Bitfinex. However, the research states that this company has a very bad past and was alleged for hacking and all. Hence, we come up with the fact that this company is not legit.

How Safe Is It To Use Bitfinex?

As per the user reviews, it is clear that previous users had issues with Bitfinex withdrawal limits. On the other hand, it is not safe to trade with Bitfinex due to those past hack allegations.

What Would Be The Next Course of Action If You Got Scammed By Bitfinex?

Users say that Bitfinex is trustworthy now. However, if you still got scammed by this company then do not feel down. Here is what you need to do. Simply, connect with us in order to recover your money.

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