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BiteBTC is a digital currency exchange platform based in Singapore. It was launched in January 2018. The entity offers more than 130 cryptocurrency trading pairs to trade. The commission is based on buying and selling of the cryptocurrency according to the current market value. The entity has an impressive 24-hour trading volume.

Is BiteBTC Legit?

BiteBtc is an unregulated exchange platform. It claims itself to be a legit and safe forum, but the reality is different. The company fails to prove any substantial information about its operations and works with full anonymity.

Is Your Money Safe With BiteBtc?

BiteBTC is an illegitimate company, attract novice trader promising lucrative offers. It does not have any proper authorizations to perform financial activities. Hence, we recommend not to associate with BiteBTC for any sort of investment.

What If BiteBTC Scams You?

BiteBTC has some major red flags in the market. It has also encountered many scams related to allegations. Some investors accuse this entity of being a full-fledged scam. Unfortunately, if you are a victim of the BiteBTC scam, approach us. We will assist you to retrieve your funds.

What people say

  • I was deceived 2 years back. Some of ETH coin is with and I’m able to transfer in my other wallet

  • i deposited some lend (about 3000 lend) but after that they suspend my account and couldnt sell or withdrawl it