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BitEarn allows traders to access real-world markets with cryptocurrencies and start instant trading. There are 4 kinds of plans for investment. The higher the plan, the higher the ROI or Profit.

Is BitEarn Legit?

After doing some research on BitEarn, we found out that a lot of traders are reporting BitEarn and writing bad reviews about it. Also, it is an unregulated broker. Hence, BitEarn is not legit.

Is Investing in BitEarn Safe?

It is not safe to invest with BitEarn. It’s always important to know what other traders are thinking about a broker before using it and in this case, there are many negative reviews about this company.

What To Do In Case You Are Scammed By BitEarn?

If you got scammed by BitEarn, then no need to worry. All the required help will be provided to you, do reach out to us. We will help you in getting the money back.

What people say

  • I invested $127 in bitearn investment only to find out is not paying . I emailed the website and sent message to their telegram page . They asked me to send me email to them then after I was blocked. Message not receiving they are not responding. But when my investment was not matured they were replying me nicely . Bitearn is a SCAM