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Bitcoin UP uses a trading robot that deals only with BTC trading. Powered by AI (Artificial Intelligence, the robot bets on BTC through a derivative knows as Contract For Difference (CFD).

Is Bitcoin UP A Registered Broker?

No, Bitcoin UP is not regulated or registered company. Based on the reviews, unregistered companies can not be trusted for trading.

Is It Safe To Invest Money With Bitcoin UP?

Bitcoin UP being an unregulated company cannot be trusted for the trading of forex, bitcoin, or other digital currencies. It is not a safe option for various reasons one of which is being exposed to scam.

How To Recover Back Your Money Scammed By Bitcoin UP?

While some of the companies block the users or delete their accounts permanently, you can still expect to retrieve you invested funds. All you will have to do is file a complaint at Funds Recovery which can help you get back your money.

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