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Banner Code (or code banner) promises an income from online advertising banners to its investors. Investors need to buy advertisement banners online from it and in return, it generates income up to 5000 US dollars per day.

Is Banner Code legit?

Banner Code is not legit. The whole concept of buying banners and getting paid for them is a scam. We have good reasons to believe that the site is operated by scammers.

Should You Invest In Banner Code?

Banner Code works on an abstract principle that does not generate any money. Any investments made to the company will be lost forever. We recommend you to invest in some other company which is more widely recognized.

What To Do If You Have Been Scammed By Banner Code?

If you have been scammed by Banner Code, contact us at our registered email id or telephone. Using the details of your case our experts will find out the best way to recover your lost money.

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