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Bancorp Bank is an online scam that has conned many users to date. The company poses as a bank and sends letters to its customers.

Is Bancorp Bank Legit?

The Bancorp Bank is in no way legit. The company dupes people into taking the several services they offer. These are not real services but just a way to get money from the customer. Once the money is paid, the company denies contact or any kind of further deliberation on its services.

Should You Invest With Bancorp Bank?

Do not invest with Bancorp Bank. The several online reviews about them will show you how in various ways this firm scams people. Fake accounts, credit cards, all methods are used by this company to get payments from its victims. Once you pay, your money is lost without any trace.

What To Do If You Have Been Scammed By Bancorp Bank?

If you too have fallen prey to the Bancorp scam, reach us via our registered contact information. We have the best tools and a highly experienced workforce to recover your lost money fast.

What people say

  • Received a letter from Joseph Richards and Associates. It states that Bancorp has money of mine and they will help retrieve it all for a low fee of $43.95. Be careful out there, this is such a naive scam