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Axe Invest is an offshore Forex brokerage firm offering multiple financial assets of different classes for trading. It promises to provide cutting edge investments plans securely. The broker does not have the popular MT4 trading platform, it works with an in-house developed when based trading platform. The minimum deposit is $100 and the maximum leverage up to 1:500.

Is AXE Invest Legit?

Axe Invest is registered as an offshore entity, owned by Madar Partners LTD, a company based in the Marshall Islands. The entity does not operate under reputed financial authorities. Being an offshore broker, investors feel insecure about its legality.

How Safe Is It To Invest Your Money With Axe Invest?

Axe Invest is an unreliable platform. It lures gullible traders promising unrealistic returns. Also, the entity lacks credible regulators due to being registered as an offshore entity. Hence, we recommend avoiding such a dubious entity is vital while taking investment decisions.

What To Do If You Have Been Scammed By AXE Invest?

As per available information, Axe Invest has some major red flags in the markets. Moreover, various credible jurisdictions such as Italian CONSOB, Australian ASIC, and Swiss regulator FINMA has issued a public warning against the entity. Sadly, if you have been deceived by Axe invest, approach us. We will assist you to retrieve your funds.

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