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AvaTrade is a forex broker that provides Forex, Cryptocurrency, Indices, Bonds, Stocks, Options, and other trading options. The firm is based in multiple locations around the world like Japan, Australia, Ireland, and the British Virgin Islands.

Is AvaTrade Regulated?

AvaTrade is a regulated financial service provider who is registered with the Central Bank of Ireland, ASIC in Australia, and FSA in Japan. So the firm is authorized to offer trading services in countries except some like the US.

Is It Safe To Invest With AvaTrade?

AvaTrade is safe to invest in based on the registration details. But investing in any online broker service requires vigilance. It is better to check the security details and the service offered by the firm before investing. 

What Can You Do If You Lost Your Investment With AvaTrade?

If you are facing any legal issues with AvaTrade, you can contact us. Funds Recovery has experienced professionals with expertise in the financial field to help you recover the lost funds. 

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