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AvaFX is now known as AvaTrade, it is a forex broker that offers MT4 and MT5 trading currency platforms and over 50 currency pairs, cryptocurrencies, gold, and so on are also offered for personal investments and trading options.

Is AvaTrade Registered?

On the official website, it is mentioned that AvaTrade is regulated and licensed as well. However, apart from the regulatory status, further details of the phone number, the address is not mentioned and which is why we conclude that it is not legit.

How Safe Is It To Use AvaTrade?

AvaTrade is risky. A smart trader will never do trading with a company that has not shared the required information.

What Would Be The Next Course of Action If You Got Scammed By AvaTrade?

Trading with AvaTrade is not recommended. However, if you still do so and got scammed by the company, then do not worry. All the help you require will be provided to you, reach out to us as we will help you in recovering the money back.

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