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Aits FX is registered in St. Vincent and the Grenadines and is an offshore Forex brokerage. It claims to be an offshoot of AITS educational school which was founded in the year 2012 by Andu Ireland. It is worth noting that this company allows only one type of account i.e, MetaTrader4 (MT4), which is a trading platform. It allows the leverage of 1:100.

When it comes to forex trading, Aits FX is one of the leading names but that is not enough to rely upon. Since forex trading is immensely large and important, millions of people have suffered from scam and fraud. That is why it is important to seek precautions, just in case your trading also faces such tragedy.

For this, you can go to Fund Recovery, one of the leading helping hands for those who have faced huge fraud in trading forex. So, before you try to dive into the huge forex trading world, make sure to carry a proper precaution.

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