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60OP offers Tradologic Forex CFD trading software. The company trades in Forex, Stocks, CFD, etc. It has the Simple platform and Trading Forex Pro platform. The minimum trading amount is $250 with a withdrawal allowance of $100.

Is 60OP Registered?

60OP is an offshore broker and in that case, these companies are nor regulated. 60OP can be assumed as not a registered company since there is no information available on that.

Can I Trade With 60OP?

While people choose many companies to trade even if they are not regulated, this can never be encouraged. Trading with an unregulated company is not advised as there is no guarantee of return. So, you should not trade with 60OP.

What To Do In Case Of Scam By 60op?

In case of a scam, you can reach to file a complaint. To do so, you can consider Funds Recovery, which helps users raise a complaint and recover their money.

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