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365 Markets is a trading service provider that offers Forex trading services. The firm is from Bulgaria. It provides trading brokerage services online with web trading platforms. There are no demo accounts available on the website, and the initial payment and investment cost is also higher.

Is 365Markets Regulated?

365 Markets claims to be regulated by regulatory authorities. But, the claim is false because it does not have the authorization to offer trading services from one of the financial regulatory authorities like FCA.

Are Your Funds Safe With 365 Markets?

Your funds may not be safe with 365 Markets because it is an unlicensed trading broker. As per the warning issued by regulatory authorities, investing in trading brokers without their approval is not safe.

What To Do If You Lost Your Investment With 365 Markets?

If you are a victim of the 365 Markets scam and lost your capital, you can contact the Funds Recovery expert team. They will help you with the legal process and reclaim the lost funds.

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