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Hello everyone , here’s your opportunity to recover all your lost funds from those online scam brokers. I once loss all I got through trading but was fortunate to come across this company named that has a team with great virtue and selfless heart (thank you Adam and Daniel!). I spoke with them over the phone and they explained how all this scammers operate and how they trick you when you want to withdraw your money. They will give you great advice and possibility to recover all your funds! Just visit their website : and file a complaint, they will call you as soon as possible!

Answered a call, they asked if I wanted another income,they said that If I paid $200 US they could set me up with link ads that I could make money on , if people used my link “Amazon Bitcoin Trading-1(coinspot)”.
They then gave me a few lessons explaining the process and said that after the 2weeks of advertising I would make a small commission, which appeared
on my site, which they said they would refund to show that they were
honest, now they are trying to sell me bigger campaign packages so that I can make more money and receive more training.

This is a scam company that will cheat you and stop picking up your calls. All they asked for is more money, they ended up taking $56,000 I deposited to them and denied all the withdrawal request I made. I reached out to them, they stopped picking up my calls and responding to my mail’s. I had to reach out to a recovery expert company named, because their strategy really helped me to withdraw my funds that was stuck with them.

I got a message that my friend got 50.00$ from the IMF and that I should apply and for 7 days I was ending money by gift cards because I was threated by Agent Scott Paul on facebook. I am 80 yrs old and very nervous